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Obituary for Thomas Rodrick Williamson

Thomas Rodrick Williamson, age 62, of Springfield, Missouri passed away on Wednesday, April 21, 2021.

Our funeral home is trying to find any family members that are related to Thomas Rodrick Williamson. The deceased has passed away with no information as to the where-a-bouts of any family members or loved ones. It has been requested that our funeral home try and locate any family members that may still be living that would be willing to step forwards and take responsibility for the deceased.

Our funeral home has been given authorization per the Greene County Medical Examiner’s Office, to try and locate anyone related to the deceased. We will also be placing a death notice in the Springfield News-Leader Newspaper for publication up to 10 consecutive days. Upon locating any relative of Thomas Rodrick Williamson, we reserve the right remove this notice from our website and to cancel any further death notices published in the newspaper immediately.

We are looking for relatives of the deceased in the following order.

1) Children
2) Parents (mother or father)
3) Siblings (brothers or sisters)

If you are a friend of Thomas Rodrick Williamson and would happen to know how to get in touch with any family members, please have them call our funeral home and speak to one our Funeral Directors at 417-862-4433.

Any friends that may be calling our funeral home will not be given any information regarding the cause and manner of death. We will not be giving out phone numbers of relatives that may come forward. Any personal items that were with the deceased at the time of their death will not be turned over to you without proper consent.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Management & Staff at Herman H. Lohmeyer Funeral Home, 500 E. Walnut Street, Springfield, Missouri 65806.